Anthem Hip Hop


I’ve always been into music and when Hip Hop was born to the world I knew I was going to be a part of it. I started flowing at first which is what they call today “rapping” and with my father being a musician in the jazz space, I started to make beats and put together my own sound. I had a couple of stage names such as DMAN, and Mattapan Dee but, Anthem Hip Hop has stuck with me and the main reason is Hip Hop is my Anthem. I was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis in March 9th of 2018 and it has been a roller coaster ride for the most part. MS has slowed me down a lot but I still rap and stay close to hip hop in any way that I can including taking pictures and filming. I am also a member of the 13 Fingaz Crew and can find some of our work on the website as well.

If you have a “TIDAL” account you can log in now and stream my new release titled “Relevant Action” it’s a good hour’s worth of music and I also will have hard copies on CD!!! Check for me everywhere in your digital world!!!!
#POWERUP #YIMEANDOTCOM #HIPHOP hardcore street hip hop download and share.





Damien Scott Mendes a.k.a  Anthem Hip hop and Masta Ace talk about health and hip hop We will kick it about health and hip hop as well as current events and much more.@13_Fingaz_Crew @mastaacepics #MastaAce #MSLife #HealthBars #BostonPalmTreez #PowerUp

Anthem Hip Hop

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